Your global smart lock solution for bicycle monitoring

OTO Hunter Features

Researched and developed in Taiwan, OTO Hunter is a smart solution that integrates Sigfox's world-leading IoT connectivity service to greatly reduce the power consumption of smart locks. This solution will resolve the ongoing global issues of maintaining shared bicycles.


Monitor your assets location at all times. OTO Hunter is able to provide GPS location.

Electronic fences

Reward your users for parking in the correct areas. Our electronic fences integrate seaminglessly to your backend.

Anti-tampering Alerts

Reduce the amount of assets being stolen with our OTO system.

Power Monitoring

Stop worrying about your lock lossing power. Our OTO Hunter provides daily battery monitoring data.

Easy to Integrate

OTO Hunter is easy to integrate into your existing managment backend. If you require assistance we provide system integration.


We can customize OTO Hunter to fit your hardware and software needs.

Solar powered

OTO Hunter is has an option for solar panel intagration.

Fox-Tech's team

Designed, created, and manufactured by Taiwanese members of the Sigfox Ecosystem.


Enabled by Sigfox

  • OTO Hunter is the first smart lock running on Sigfox's Ultra Narrow Band and Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN).

  • OTO Hunter combines smart lock functions with Sigfox
    Networking capabilities to bring a global solution.

Bluetooth Smart Technology

Stop worrying of lock's not opening. OTO Hunter is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol. We support BLE v5.0+.

Currently supporting Android Oreo and iOS 11

Sensors for all

We have equipped OTO Hunter with all the sensors needed to improve your bicycle fleet’s performance.

More Solar Power than others

Our solar panel provides for sustainable power and 20% more light absortion than other panels commericaly available in the market. Powering OTO Hunter with unlimited power from ambient light energy.

Global Network using Sigfox

OTO Hunter can run in all Sigfox countries.
Currently 51+ countries supported.

Check Sigfox live coverage

What packages are available?


OTO Hunter lock is design to solve your bicycle fleet problems.


Never worry about your data being lost. We can deploy servers anywhere.

Mobile App

We can develop native iOS and Android Apps.

Web App

Need a specialized Web portal to manage your fleet? We can help you with it.

Contact us to Schedule a Demo

If you would like to know how can OTO Hunter adapt to your current needs and get a function demonstration don't hessitate to contact us.